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Be proactive rather than reactive.
Employees are our last line of defense in a layered, defense-in-depth information security strategy. Will THEY do the right thing? If they are ill-prepared and unaware, they are susceptible to social engineering and spear phishing attacks and may unwittingly provide network access to an attacker. They are as great a vulnerability as a poorly configured firewall or an inadequately coded web application. In many industries, user security awareness training is also a compliance requirement.

A comprehensive security awareness training program is a TEAM approach. An organization should Train the employee, Encourage the employee to respond positively, Assess whether learning is achieved and retained, and Measure changes in behavior. The program can then be adjusted to foster the desired level of organizational security awareness. A program may fulfill a compliance requirement, but only training reinforcement with signs, newsletters, and collateral material will help create a truly security conscious environment and elevate the security posture of an organization.

Each organization is different; each has different requirements. Training requirements span multiple roles – users, managers, administrators, and developers. When building a campaign you can choose the modules that match your unique needs and the training requirements for a particular role. Get started by taking a look at the General Security Awareness Section where you will find a breakdown of the courses to consider and help you send the message that Security is everyone’s responsibility!

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